Liam Flynn - Selected Works

It is hard to find a measure for just how talented Liam was but, if Ireland honoured craftspeople as they are honoured in Japan, he would have already long been designated a Living National Treasure, a tangible cultural asset embodying the standard all craftspeople should aspire to. This is not based on sentiment due to his sad and premature death but on a long standing personal belief that he was Ireland’s most outstanding craftsman in any discipline. 

Leslie Reed (Former CEO of Crafts Council of Ireland)

Fluid Forms - Liam Flynn

Liam Flynn’s vessels are incredibly sensual and intuitive;  he was an artist who had an innate understanding and sensitivity for the material he worked with combined with a masterly light touch and ethereal, earthly quality.  Whether small scale or more monumental sculptural works, Liam’s work simply called out to be touched and admired.

Christina Jansen, Director, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland