Fluid Forms - Liam Flynn 

Book Production Team

Project Manager: Mary Leahy

Artistic Director: Kevin O'Dwyer

​Photography Curation: Kevin O'Dwyer

​Editorial co-ordinator:  Roger Bennett

Copy Editor: Amanda Bell

Book Design/Typesetting:  Oonagh Young  HQ Design

Book essays:

Roger Bennett

Yvonne McEnery

Eleanor Flegg (curator/ design journalist)

Sarah Rothwell (National Museum of Scotland)

Ciaran Forbes (woodturner)

Oliver Sears (Oliver Sears Gallery)

Sara Myerscough (Sara Myerscough Gallery)

Jennifer Goff (National Museum of Ireland)

Photography: Liam Flynn, Kevin O'Dwyer and Brendan Landy

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Ireland :    10 Euro

UK        :    15 Euro

Europe :    15 Euro

USA/Canada: 24 Euro

All other Destinations: 24 Euro

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Barrel Vessel (oak)


Fluid Forms - Liam Flynn

128 page full colour coffee table format publication celebrating the life and work of wood artist Liam Flynn.

Inner rimmed fluted Vessel, (oak)​​

Fluid Forms - Liam Flynn​​  

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Woulfe's Bookshop, 7 Church Street, Listowel, Co, Kerry

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